Is There a Song in You


Sometimes you just have to sing, right?
Sometimes you just have to dance, even if you are all alone rattling pots and pans in the kitchen. For many Christians there are those moments when we just have to tell the world, that we have a wonderful Lord, surprisingly, to some perhaps, even the most sedate C of E worshipper has dancing feet.

Here is how THE MESSAGE translates Mary’s Song (Luke 1:46)

I’m bursting with God-News I’m dancing the Song of my Saviour God”

St Giles has been finding a new song(s) lately, our new Music Director, Mrs Agata Beaman, it’s pronounced Agatha, has been teaching us new songs and for some of us, how to find the voice and song in us, we never knew we had. She is a good, resourceful teacher and singing practices are a joy.

From time to time, some of our gifted congregation, delight us with trumpet, violin, oboe, piano but sadly no harp yet.

Coming up, Wednesday 27th May, Agata is planning a children’s music workshop in the Church Hall. Time 3:00pm. Will share more of that later as information becomes available.

She is also planning a concert with some of us older ones – we are quite thrilled about that. Singing is always good for us and we feel we have something to sing about. If like me the bible version of your childhood was the Kings James version you may recall these words,

The Lord, Jehovah is my strength and my song.’ – Isaiah 12:3 – the modern NRSV translates might instead of song, but there is power in a song, especially a song of praise.

What about you? Is there a song in you?
Would you like to meet new friends?
There is a welcome for you at St Giles

. St Giles follow the link to our website for more information.


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