All Change for Rowley Church Summer Fayre

Change no 1: The date has been bought forward from its usual July slot

Please make a note of the new date in your Diary now, we would hate for you to miss the fun, and the “Sausage Sizzle”

Saturday 6th June 2015 is the day, the Church Hall in Hawes Lane, B65 9AL is the venue. 12:00 – 3:00pm is the time.


Change no 2: Meet Jane. Our organiser this year Jane Proud, retired from a teaching post at what was formerly, Birmingham College of Food, and now is ‘The University College of Birmingham’ – After gaining her cooking/catering qualifications, Jane’s career took off, from the bottom of the ladder, (she says) as an assistant cook at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. She was just 17 back then and since those days been a bit of a globetrotting chef, other jobs include Diet Cook at Auckland Public Hospital, New Zealand. We chose this photo, despite the difficult lighting conditions, because it depicts Jane’s lovely smile. What you see is what you get. She is a warm, fun loving person. Come say hello on June 6th.

You would think that after a lifetime of standing in the kitchen, Jane would welcome the opportunity to put her feet up and rest. But, no cooks are made of stronger stuff, and since, after many years of organising the Fayre, for St Giles, Mr Brian Green needed to take a step back this year, Jane offered the considerable skills gained in her years of ‘function organising’ to what is Rowley’s principal Fund Raising Event. Many, many thanks Brian for your ongoing help and contributions to the Fayre.

On the day of the Fayre you can indulge in Jane’s renowned homemade beef burgers, at the “Sausage Sizzle” There are burgers and burgers, and Janes are the de-luxe burger.

Some familiar, stalls will be making a return this year, Jewellery, Fancy Goods, Tombola, Bottle Stall are joined a new new Soft Toy one. At the time of writing we are waiting confirmation of some events in the hall, so more news to follow.

We hope we shall be seeing all your familiar Rowley Faces, to catch up on your news, hear how you are doing, one thing seems not to change at Rowley Summer Fayre, year in, year out and that is the support and generosity of our friends – your help keeps your Parish Church on its feet and able to reach out and help in times of need. Thank you.

The Flower Festival- same day- same time but over in the Church, St Giles, Church Road – will be posting its programme shortly. See Tides and Tidings Facebook Page for more information


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