Remembering Saint Mabel

The end of a long day and busy week for the whole of St Giles’ family, some have baked for England, and the Cake Stall sold out, breaking records.

Thank you to all, to Jane for organising and to all who contributed in any way, thank you to St Michaels C of E. school, fund raising for Birmingham’s Children Hospital, to ‘Help the Heroes’ — who work tirelessly to assist wounded service men and women, to Rowley’s Scouts… You were all such wonderful people to spend the day with …

Thank you for all who came to buy from the stalls and support your Parish Church; in return we hope to support you when you find things get rough and tough.

On the other side of the road, we know that a record number of you popped into take a peek at the Flower Festival, and to say a prayer. The Flower arrangers celebrated ‘Saints‘ this year, and many photos have been taken, but this one was chosen to appear in this hurried post for a reason.

That reason being we are all called to be saints Saints with a little ‘s’ we are called to live wholesome lives, to show in our everyday, ordinary lives the goodness, kindness, patience,and love of our Saviour who lived amongst us as one of the crowd. A simple man with no great material riches to share, but with all the treasures of heaven at his disposal.

Today 6th June, would have been Mrs Mabel Tromans 92nd Birthday, and our flower ladies were delighted when Aunty Mabel’s (I always called her Aunty although unrelated) asked if they could place an arrangement in church in Memory of one of the kindest persons, Church and Rowley has ever known.

The scroll in the arrangement is in Mabel’s own handwriting, done as a gift years ago for some family members, whom she called the girls, Mabel was never blessed with children of her own, but spent a lifetime loving, caring for and mentoring every child she knew.

Please read the first line carefully,

Some one did a golden deed today,
Was it you?

Small, kind, golden deeds, these are the works of little saints, all of us with a little thought can do at least one a day

It was a truly a pleasure knowing you St. Mabel.
You made it so.



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