To Make An Omelette Crack Eggs

Everything worthwhile takes time and effort.

I am very proud of my friends at Rowley who devote endless time, endless effort to reach out and touch their star. To do those things which they have never done before.

Tonight’s concert is one such thing. It has been so very many years since Rowley had a robed choir, traditional ways, especially those which require disciplines and time seem to have lost their appeal to younger people. St Giles Singers are not, it is true exactly teenagers but they do have pluck, enthusiasm and it is their intention to entertain.

Despite, many setbacks, the kinds that would make a good novel, they are waiting on tiptoes to Celebrate Summer


The cast:
St Giles Singers
Agata Beaman – Musical Director, Piano, Organ
Brian Williams – Tenor
Diana Shelton – Alto, Recorder
Carole Annetts – Soprano, Tambourine
Peter James – Guitar
John Langford – Tenor solo

Musical items are varied, from “Imagine” to “Scarborough Fair” to the “Moonlight Sonata” .

My favourite, well that might just be “Rivers of Babylon”


St Giles Singers taking a break, after singing practice.

Getting ready to serve a 5***** Omelette.


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