Month: November 2015

We Are Getting Ready….

St Giles, (better known as Rowley) Church is hustling, bustling, getting ready:

Ready for Saturday 28th November and a Christmas Fayre with a ‘Frozen’ theme in the Church Hall, over in Hawes Lane. We are expecting Royalty.. Princesses Anna and Elsa, no less, and of course Father Christmas. Just so our V.I.P. Visitors feel right at home, an Ice Castle is being purposely built for them.

But, this is all very hush, hush, we don’t want to spoil the surprise for their Majesties, just to say the Fair opens at noon and all children are welcome to come to join the Parade in Fancy Dress, and things will feel far from ‘frozen’ a warm, friendly welcome is extended to all. Admission is free, and there will be plenty of ideas for Christmas gifts, so, come—see.

(From the Disney Film, Frozen)

Ready for Advent
We will be joined by friends from the neighbouring parishes of St Paul’s, Blackheath and St James’, Rounds Green for an Advent Sunday Communion Service on the 29th. Time 10:15am. All are very welcome.

Traditional Advent Candle Wreath.

Ready for the Christmas Season

Sunday 6th December, at 10:15am Holy Communion/Toy/Christingle Service. We bring new toys as gifts to local children in need, for distribution by our local food bank Loaves N’Fishes, we bring our offerings for the work of the Children’s Society… I love helping to make the Christingles; getting ready for Christmas is good for us, I reckon, and brings out the best in us, as we take thought and do for others. I suppose the Magi bringing gifts to a poor, child can be considered Role Models.

I look forward to watching the faces of little ones from our local primary Schools, Rowley Hall, Blackheath Primary as the altar frontal a are thrown back for them to take a peek, before Christmas Day at the Crib figures in the hay in the altar/stable. Nothing can match the glow of the child fortunate enough to hold ‘baby’ Jesus just for a few moments. Perhaps they have been blessed to hold baby brothers or sisters, at home with Mom and Dad looking on, I don’t know, but it always seems to me, that children and Jesus hold each other in their hearts, and that they really do meet each other at His Manger Bed.

Street Nativity Scene-Barcelona


Keep Calm Have a Good Sing



Really unsure what the title for this post should be?

The days are shorter, the evenings longer. In side church it’s getting a little chilly now but St Giles Singers are so keen that nothing deters them from Wednesday Evening Singing Practice.

Forget that old cliche, “They need all the practice they can get”

They actually sound great, confidence is building and they are a credit to our Church Music Director Agata Beaman. Agata (she’, front left, 2nd pic) is longing to form a young people’s choir, and we are sure that her dream will be realised, but meantime, as these pictures show, her Senior Choir are loving her gentle, patient coaching and are thrilled by the results as she leads them on; already they have found themselves doing things vocally, they thought impossible just a few months ago.

It maybe, that like me, you find music and singing, calming. A little sing whilst doing housework I find therapeutic; it brings out the rainbow on a cloudy day. It is a mood changer

Messy Church Activity 1st November 2015

Messy Church was launched in Rowley Church Hall last month, yesterday afternoon’s session helped us to think about that tricky, mood anger. Somehow Christians find it difficult to own up to ‘anger’ – it is a taboo subject, something which we feel the bible condemns and yet, when we read of Jesus, upsetting the money changers’ tables and driving them out of the temple, we have to think again. The wife of a former Vicar was often heard to say,
“Don’t let anger use you. Use it!” Janet was good at this. She campaigned vigorously for Christian Aid, Age concern and any cause where she felt ‘fairness’ needed to be fought for. Somehow, I think that the Lord would have approved. If we want a fair world we have to make it so.

The picture shows the ingredients, vinegar, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda laid out with the sudden explosive, fizzy result – a picture of the sudden boiling out of raw anger.

By the Rivers of Babylon

The scripture we shared together was Psalm 137: 1-8. A psalm which Christians find hard to deal with, yet it does express, eloquently in vivid terms how human beings feel, when uprooted and forced from their homelands, when the memories of atrocities are fresh, when the vinegar bitterness won’t let them forget… What do they, what do we do with anger like that?

Jane, our Messy Church Co-ordinator suggested,

“We give it to God!”

Which is precisely what the writer of Psalm 137 is doing in these bitter, tearful words … Giving it to God and as Jesus taught God is just. We can trust the Him to convert our angry energy into the transforming energy of which works to bring good as His Heavenly wisdom, and Holy Spirit direct it.