Who am I?

I am Jean, the girl, (not so young a girl) who has the pleasure and privilege of compiling her Church Magazine.

My church is a Church of England Parish Church named for St Giles of Provence, but known for miles around as ‘Rowley Church’ – Rowley Village has long since been swallowed up and pretty much all of our historical buildings have simply disappeared. A fact noted by a visiting archaeologist – who asked.

‘Where has a 1,000 years of history gone?”

In the case of the church, and burials once made within its walls. The answer is probably ‘right under our feet, waiting to be discovered again.’ Rather like Richard II’s body was in a Leicestershire car park

What the Magazine try’s to do is to keep people informed on what Worship services, Meetings are scheduled, report on events as they happen, entertain and encourage people to try their hand at writing, That encouraging bit is the bit I have most trouble with. Folk mostly seem to underestimate their abilities.

‘Rowley has talent,’ – was the name given to a day, when anyone, from s hook children to the retired were invited to come do a 15 minute slot. We had Singers, Choirs, . Musicians, Dancers, Crafts Demonstrated … a wonderful day … Which tells you, why I began ‘Tides and Tidings Blog – I am proud of my church, town and neighbours and would like to share a little of what they do, with the world.

By taking part in the 101 course, I hope to improve my personal skills to do just that.


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