Lent From A Mouse Perspective

What is Lent for?

Compilers of Church Magazines are asked all sorts of tricky questions.

So I asked the Muse, who raised an elegant eyebrow and suggested I ask Rosy Mouse.

I pulled on boots, scarf and gloves and ventured down the middle path to the ‘Mouse-Hole’ – which all our readers know, is near (cannot publish exact location for Mouse Security reasons) the Celtic Cross at the bottom of the churchyard.

We had frost overnight, the air is clean and sharp, the sky an amazing blue, little pockets of Snowdrops everywhere, a good day to be alive and Rosy is Spring cleaning with her twig broom and pleased to have a chat.

‘Well,” she said, and I must ask you to bear in mind that Rosy, small mouse-mother that she is, spends most of her day thinking of food for her 14 children.

‘Well, I think, God always intended for us and Himself to be kind of like a big Swiss Roll, all wrapped up together, and sort of delicious, full of sweet goodness, so that it’s hard to say which tastes better sponge or cake, it’s just perfect together.’ Her little eyes became quite glazed over at this point….

‘And it’s like when the children are learning to walk, they’re so happy toddling along, holding Daddy’s hand, Fred (Mr Mouse to you) gets quite wrapped up with them, and it’s the same for them. Doesn’t last though, mice-lets and small people-persons like their independence, and can’t grow up fast enough, they let go Daddy’s hand and that’s when the fun and falls start. What’s important for us to know is that when we fall Daddy is around to help us up’

‘I think that’s what Lent is for, remembering that God wants to help us up and help us to pick up the pieces, and sort out the mess.’


The smallest sin is a fall, and a fall is a fall from God, and to fall from God is to fall the greatest height in the universe.
(From a Mirror Set at the Right Angle: Henry Drummond)


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