Sixpence to spend

“If you dare nothing, then when the day is over, nothing is all you have gained” ~ Neil Gaiman

I visited Yesterday’s Messy Church Session in Rowley’s Church Hall. The craft activities were centred around the story of the Poor Widows two mites, all she had to live on. Sitting and decorating a small money box bought. Memories of advice received many, many, many years ago on how to deal with a sixpence received as pocket money.

We were told it was sound economic sense to spend twopence, give twopence to help someone and to save twopence.

Not sure how the today’s child would feel about either the advice or just a silver sixpence for pocket money but as a silver surfer I do regret not having saved enough tuppences and giving possibly too few tuppences away, however I remember with pleasure sherbet dabs, and other childish delights purchased from big jars in sweet shop windows.

There were I think, many poor widows with just two mites to live on, back in my childhood days, giving for some would have been a sacrifice, but praise the Lord, give they did. Sitting amongst an opulence of glue, scissors and glitter, the Parable Jesus told of the Talents or bags of gold came to mind. (Matthew 25: 14-28). You may remember that one from Sunday School days; it’s the one where the rich man divided bags of gold between 3 servants – 5 to one, 2 to another and finally 1 to another according to ability. Of course it is always possible to make a bigger return on a bigger investment, the sad part of the tale is the 1 man given 1 bag did not even try….. Clearly then all Christians should at least try… Nothing ventured nothing gained.

(Making Spoon Puppets)

In her summing up, Messy Church Leader, Jane Proud, pointed out that maybe we don’t, like the Poor Widow Lady, have bags of money to offer in our Lord’s service, but we all have been given something by him which we can offer up, that is our gifts our talents. And surely, Jane, I am sure would agree ~ our hearts.


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