A Time To Say Goodbye

Leslie Thomas Whitehouse-Bird

Rowley Church knew him simply as Les. Born on the 28th August 1921, Les was called home to be with his Saviour and Lord on the 21st March 2016.

Always the most gentle and humble of men, he believed in keeping a low-profile, Les played many roles, did many kindnesses, rendered a full service to Lord and church.

Among those roles were Bell Ringer, Chorister, Server, Sunday School Teacher and P.C.C. Member and I dare say, plenty more things beside, but everything he did he did well and in such away as to earn the respect of all.

At the beginning of December 2015 a letter dropped onto the doormat and in keeping with their life-long habit of ‘keeping a low profile’ Mrs Nellie Bird has made little mention of it, the letter was a Royal Invitation for her husband to receive the Royal Maundy Money from Her Majesty, the Queen in St George’s Chapel, Windsor. Sadly this was not to be, since Les was too unwell to travel; Tides and Tidings records it here because we believe as do all, who had the privilege of knowing him, that this was a well-deserved honour!

Not one of all, those Les taught in Sunday School has, to this day forgotten the answer to his often repeated question:
What time is it?”

It is time to seek the LORD” (Hosea 10:12)

Posted in love and respect of a good Christian Man.


2 thoughts on “A Time To Say Goodbye

    1. I rather think he was a one off, Jo. An elderly gentleman popped in at the Parish Office yesterday with a query and mentioned that the man they used to call the Vicar at Metal Sections where he worked had died. Took two seconds to work out he was referring to Mr Bird! I gave him a paper copy of the magazine to read through. “I’ll pass it round ” he said. ” at next Metal Sections reunion”


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