Just A Sparrow

House Sparrow (RSPB)

Used to be that the first thing heard as sleepy eyes welcomed the new daylight was the cheerful chirruping sing-song of House Sparrows under the eaves.

No more.

I miss them lining up along the fence, like neat little brown uniformed soldiers watching eagerly for breakfast crumbs. Nowadays House sparrows are very much a rare sight in our parts of the Midlands. Although their cousins the Tree Sparrows are still content with their lodgings among the shrubs and trees in my backyard.

We used to sing as children:

There are hundreds of sparrows, thousands, millions,
They’re two a penny, far too many there must be;
There are hundreds and thousands, millions of sparrows,
But God knows every one and God knows me.

Teacher told us didn’t she? That Jesus (Matthew 10: 29-31) said that we, small, chirpy birds were worth more than many sparrows, and that our Father in heaven knew exactly how many hairs we had on our heads!

Wow! We were important! The small, and ordinary were important. So very important that God, had bothered to count the number of our hairs.

Have you noticed that no-one, absolutely no-one likes to own up to being small or ordinary anymore? There is such pressure nowadays to be someone to be the one who shines brighter than the lights on the Christmas Tree, life is all about being the One on Top, the Celebrity … Yes, it’s true, I feel that it takes hard work to achieve the top jobs, the big bank balance, the fame (or notoriety) of the Stars but when we have got there, will it be worth it? Will we truly be happier than the ones that don’t?

I woke up this morning and I felt happy.
Happy that I have a home, a safe place to lie down and sleep, sleep that had come easily to a head untroubled about tomorrow with no worries, no anxieties . I’m the little sparrow who found a home (Psalm 84:2) -l lay my weary head on my Father’s breast because God knows every one and God knows me.

I am glad to be a little sparrow.
I wouldn’t trade my ordinary life for fame, fortune, position or power …
I am happy with the nest I have, and in time of trouble or distress, I hide beneath the Almighty’s feathers: He is no Sparrow but He loves me!


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