All Good Things Are Worth Waiting For 

I love this window, the babe, the Redeemer reveals His Sacred Face.  I think of Mary and Joseph Waiting for Him, getting together the things a baby needs, watching and waiting.  Outside of Church and Lady Chapel the world rushes on and yet, there are some, mums and dads to be, maybe who are, even in the throes  of busyness ~ just waiting ~ whatever you are waiting for ~ we pray you are rewarded with joy. Posted with love from Rowley Church to all who will visit this coming Christmastide.


2 thoughts on “All Good Things Are Worth Waiting For 

    1. The Artist was Benjamin Warren a student of the great Burne-Jones. All of our Stained Glass windows have the same Arts and Crafts movements touch .. a little out of time. Replaces glass which melted inthe heat of a 1913 fire. The bottom panel shows Mary at the foot of gage cross linking them is a medallion portrait of a little boy who died early 1920s. The whole window given by his family in memoriam. It’s poignant a true Mother’s story mirrored in Mary’s. Thank you for your comment


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