Month: January 2018

Draw Back The Curtain

      “The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple.”

Psalm 119:130/ Luke 2: 22-40

The Christmas tree, the Stable under the altar dismantled, this morning we paused and marked “Candlemas” (2nd February). This was followed by the baptism of Evie Rose and Brooke Alison later in the morning, who like the infant Jesus were  carried into God’s house to receive the Lord’s blessing and seal on their young lives.

How poignant it is to recall Anna and Simeon, both of great age, but still in the Temple waiting on God with prayers and fasting and God honours them; the Lord pours out on them His Holy Spirit, Simeon’s words are recalled and prayed everyday in acts of Worship, he and Anna live on in devout and faithful seniors, whose strength is renewed daily as they too, continue steadfast in faith and hope. Like Simeon, like Anna they have trusted in God’s word, and rejoiced in His salvation, walked in the light of His revelation.

What would their message be to today’s young ones.

I think it could well be,

“Draw back the curtains and let the light in. Open your heart and receive God’s Word, open the bible and find treasure, stored up for you from the Ancient of Days and praise God,

Once upon a time, St Augustine thought he heard a child singing

 ”Pick it up and read it. Pick it up and read it.” He thought at first the song was related to some kind of children’s game, but could not remember hearing the song before.  Then it struck him that this might be God telling him to open and read the scriptures, so he found a bible picked it up and read it.  And, then Augustine’s life really began. 

Draw back the curtains, open the bible, and God and you can begin