Hello, I am  editors assistant of Rowley Church’s Magazine, and I am starting this on line journal as an extra page, for the Magazine with the photos and in between items that miss the compiling Editors deadline or the ones that really can’t wait for the next issue.

Sounds really very important, but, our little magazine is only published every two months, and is produced via the Parish Administrators photocopier (just so we don’t appear to be something we aren’t) however Rowley has had a church on the hill since around 1199 which was before the Magna Carta was signed. In the first place, there was no building at all, just a simple outdoor cross where lay brothers farming here for a Monastery in Clent would preach to whoever would gather to listen. Unfortunately , as the centuries have flown we have known misfortunes with our church buildings, we are now in our fourth!

Over decades, St Giles’ Magazine has had many incarnations, many names including The Sign and The Rock,  the present one,  was called Tides to reflect the way seasons come and go, and Tidings to reflect the passing on of our news.  It was revived after a period of some years without a Magazine at the request of housebound church members who wanted to know how things were going and what was happening next. We live in a fast changing world, some of our elderly are happy with skyping far flung relatives, email, but many still are not, and enjoy settling down with newspapers and books, and surprisingly the Parish Magazine,  hopefully those of us who can use mobile phone, iPad, tablet, etc will enjoy visiting Tides and Tidings here at WordPress.


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