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Doing and Giving, Watching and Waiting

Although we still have 16 more days to go, the Church on the Hill is putting on its Christmas dress, and will be seeing several hundreds of people pass through our doors during the days leading up to Christmas Day itself. The lovely roses adorning this tree in West porch were lovingly hand crafted by Linda Clinton, Our Messy Church leader.

Next Sunday, 15th December Messy Church will be holding a Messy Party to celebrate another lovely year of Messy Craft, Games, Stories and togetherness; we are hoping that Churchwarden, Yvonne Owen will once again be making the ‘best jelly in the world’ ….

Ps 147.16 He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes.

No snow on our Hill Top yet, but we have seen frost, and felt the keen wintry wind. Iris Westwood created this beautiful window display. Mike Tandy took the lovely photos. And there are very many more on St Giles Facebook Page

Tell me the old, old story

Of unseen things above,

Of Jesus and His Glory,

Of Jesus and His love.

Olwyn Plant, Trish Cornford with Joyce Walker created this happy little corner for the Open the Book Team – they open the big book, read and act out stories from the Bible at morning assemblies in our primary schools. As you can see multi talented.

Over the past few weeks the church family at St Giles have been generously putting together and wrapping gifts for the Shoe Box Appeal, chocolates, biscuits and festive eats for the Loaves and Fishes Shoe Bank, warm socks, hats, gloves etc for distribution by Outreach Angels to the homeless, and today bought new toys for those little ones who might otherwise receive none and also today held our Annual Christingle Service.

Here are Revd. Barrie Roberts and Revd. Carole Christensen, two stalwart friends to all of us at St Giles.

Tides and Tidings sends its good wishes for the Christmas Season to all who follow us on WordPress, but since we are still, despite the cheery glows and happy faces still in this solemn season of Advent, we pray,

Father be with all who wait,

Be with those who wait for the birth of a child, we ask for a safe delivery,

Be with those who wait watchfully over loved ones who are sick.

Be with those who cannot wait for tomorrow’s joys

Especially be with those who dread tomorrow’s sorrows,

For the sake of your Son laid in a manger,

Grant us steadfastness, courage and peace in all our waitings ,

Perfect Trust in His Coming again, when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, Jesus Christ is Lord, to Your Glory Lord we ask it.

Father grant to us all that your Holy Angels, watch and wait with us.

Messy Get Togetherness

St Giles Messy Church gets together on the first a Sunday of every month except August … and maybe when Rowley is snowed in. Everyone enjoys these Messy Times together, particularly making Cookies, sweets etc to take away home and share with family.

Some of the craft tables can be more than a little Messy, but Brian, our friendly Hall Caretaker takes it all in his stride, one week, Jean found she now had a new top dyed for ever with green acrylic paint, but she’s over that now…. one week we had a play, (about Jesus ascending on a cloud to heaven) … but Jesus got his cue a bit muddled and didn’t seem to want to leave us. To be perfectly honest us disciples didn’t want him to go either!

People of all ages are welcome at our Messy Church, we have Grandmas, Moms and dads, all we ask is that all children are in the care of a responsible grown up. We meet at 3 o’clock, make, do, play together then we have a short service at 4 o’clock. We hear a bible story, have a bit of a sing and sometimes a Dance, and then it’s time for tea together before going our way at 5 o’clock.

Messy crafts, and a successful half marathon run Mom with medal

Carole and Barbara in the Messy Kitchen ~ before it got too Messy,

Valerie trying not to make a mess

Messy Churchwarden and Chief Cookie Baker , Yvonne.

Messy Church Linda keeping a wise eye on things

Trying to count the stars, because God promises Abraham

I will shower blessings on you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars of heaven and the grains of sand on the seashore.”

Lord Jesus, we give you our hands, we give you our feet, we give you our eyes, we give You our tongues, our minds and our hearts and ask you to bless them and turn all our messes and mistakes into happy accidents that make your world a happier place. Amen

And to the children He said, “Come to me”

Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas please don’t leave it to someone else to teach your little children, that they have a Father in heaven who loved them so much that He sent Jesus to be their life-long and forever Friend and Saviour. Or, that there is a book in heaven in which Ezra, the Record Keeper Angel writes the names of all who love God.

I am an older Christian, one of several children and would have loved to have owned just one little book such as these; however it was not to be, pennies were short and I didn’t get to own a bible of my own until I received my first wage packet aged 15, a small hardback bible, with pictures was bought for a few ‘shillings’

I can’t even remember where I first heard the name of Jesus, but I can remember at the age of three talking to my Father in heaven; I whispered a few words and fell soundly asleep, slept through a storm which blew a window in and showered the bed in which myself and small sister were sleeping with glass shards.. I never knew this until I woke up in my moms bed the next morning and she told the story of the nights happenings. All through my childhood, teens and adulthood I have confided in God. I do not know of any prayer which has gone unheard; even if the answer has been no, or wait awhile, I have been heard. And I have listened just as your little ones hear what you say to them, just as they place every confidence and trust in what you tell and teach them.

The very best teachers we can have are those who love us and the teacher most blessed in God’s eyes is the one who gives and plants with one of His little ones the Seed and Word of faith

Jesus has promised my Shepherd to be,

That’s why I love Him so;

And to the children he said, ‘Come to Me,’

That’s why I love Him so.

Chorus: That’s why I love Him,

That’s why I love Him,

Because He first loved me……

When I’m tempted and tried,

He is close by my side,

That’s why I love Him so.

(Hymn by Scott Lawrence

St Giles, Messy Church why not click here and see what our Messy Church Group get up to, if you live in Rowley, come and help us make a mess.

Keep Calm Have a Good Sing



Really unsure what the title for this post should be?

The days are shorter, the evenings longer. In side church it’s getting a little chilly now but St Giles Singers are so keen that nothing deters them from Wednesday Evening Singing Practice.

Forget that old cliche, “They need all the practice they can get”

They actually sound great, confidence is building and they are a credit to our Church Music Director Agata Beaman. Agata (she’, front left, 2nd pic) is longing to form a young people’s choir, and we are sure that her dream will be realised, but meantime, as these pictures show, her Senior Choir are loving her gentle, patient coaching and are thrilled by the results as she leads them on; already they have found themselves doing things vocally, they thought impossible just a few months ago.

It maybe, that like me, you find music and singing, calming. A little sing whilst doing housework I find therapeutic; it brings out the rainbow on a cloudy day. It is a mood changer

Messy Church Activity 1st November 2015

Messy Church was launched in Rowley Church Hall last month, yesterday afternoon’s session helped us to think about that tricky, mood anger. Somehow Christians find it difficult to own up to ‘anger’ – it is a taboo subject, something which we feel the bible condemns and yet, when we read of Jesus, upsetting the money changers’ tables and driving them out of the temple, we have to think again. The wife of a former Vicar was often heard to say,
“Don’t let anger use you. Use it!” Janet was good at this. She campaigned vigorously for Christian Aid, Age concern and any cause where she felt ‘fairness’ needed to be fought for. Somehow, I think that the Lord would have approved. If we want a fair world we have to make it so.

The picture shows the ingredients, vinegar, food colouring and bicarbonate of soda laid out with the sudden explosive, fizzy result – a picture of the sudden boiling out of raw anger.

By the Rivers of Babylon

The scripture we shared together was Psalm 137: 1-8. A psalm which Christians find hard to deal with, yet it does express, eloquently in vivid terms how human beings feel, when uprooted and forced from their homelands, when the memories of atrocities are fresh, when the vinegar bitterness won’t let them forget… What do they, what do we do with anger like that?

Jane, our Messy Church Co-ordinator suggested,

“We give it to God!”

Which is precisely what the writer of Psalm 137 is doing in these bitter, tearful words … Giving it to God and as Jesus taught God is just. We can trust the Him to convert our angry energy into the transforming energy of which works to bring good as His Heavenly wisdom, and Holy Spirit direct it.