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The Cross That Larry Made


Today, the 5th Sunday in Lent, and St Giles is looking down the road to Palm Sunday. Now it is our tradition for very many years to begin Palm Sunday with the blessing of palms, not in church, but over the busy main road in the Church Hall. Then following the processional cross, singing our Hosannas we cross over the road and complete a full circuit of the church wall before entering church at the west door.

This year might have been very different.

A procession yes. But no cross. Our beautiful silver cross has been stolen, it is very likely that the thieves had to cut it up to get it through the hole cut into the silver safe. Something beautiful stolen, spoilt.


Larry, lovely Larry, so grateful to the Lord for bringing through cancer surgery, not just once, but twice, quietly decided that St Giles would have a cross to follow. Larry was a carpenter by trade, and this is the cross that Larry made.
“Just temporary,” he said.
Just how temporary remains to be seen; this cross was handcrafted in love, received with love, and will be treasured in love. A simple cross made from wood, can there be any better cross to follow this Palm Sunday? A cross made by a carpenter in love for the carpenter who carried His Cross for us all.

Whoever does not take up their cross and follow me is not worthy of me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it.”

There is a redeemer
Jesus, God’s own Son
Precious Lamb of God, Messiah
Holy One
Jesus my redeemer
Name above all names
Precious Lamb of God, Messiah
Oh, for sinners slain

Thank you, oh my father
For giving us Your Son
And leaving Your Spirit
‘Til the work on Earth is done

There is a redeemer please click to listen

If you should find yourself on the top of Rowley’s very high hill, next Sunday (Palm Sunday) morning why not come and join the happy band following The Cross that Larry made.


Sarah’s Work Placement

Birmingham Cathedral (Anglican) in its 300th Year

Sarah, aged 15, is a year 10 student at St Michael’s (C of E School) and this week has been on work placement at St Giles – a taste of what work may be like when school is finally finished and the rest of Sarah’s life begins.

Sarah, thinks she might like to work with the church. So this week is all about looking at the various roles and ministries of a church inside its building and out.

So far, Sarah has visited a family with a newly baptised child and Mary, an older person no longer able to attend church. She has created and designed a poster to publicise the coming, Churchyard Tidy, when anyone in the Rowley Community is invited to come along and join us in a bit of hard work tidying up our large Churchyard. Sarah has not only designed the posters but helped to deliver them to local shops, saying hello to people she has never met before, in the company of Revd. Shelton. I bet that was scary for shy, and softly spoken Sarah.

I think this year’s Churchyard Tidy, should really be called Sarah’s Project, she walked the site, taking notes for the Risk Assessment needed for Insurance Purposes, and typed it up together with the ‘sign in sheets’ needed for Saturday Morning. Oh, and she’s coming to work with us, exchanging her smart office clothes for jeans and sun cream.

Taking photographs of church items came next, rather involved that one, since accurate measurements and identity markings had to be included in the photographs. The photographer allowed her to take a few shots with his very expensive, professional camera and so far I think that has been the highlight of Sarah’s week.

Today, a visit to St Philips, Birmingham Cathedral comes first, then a behind the scenes look at the Diocesan Offices in Colmore Row, Birmingham.

(Stained glass -Birmingham Cathedral)

By now, Sarah has come to know,that there is far more to church than Sunday Services, and many more jobs and roles needing filling than the sermon slot, or organ stool, the church is truly a body, and needs all of its bodily members to be able to function properly.

Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ. (1 Corinthians 12:12)

Whatever life holds for you, Sarah, we wish you well. Thank you for choosing St Giles for your Work Placement and helping our work, this week.

St Giles and St Michael

From 1913 until 1923, in summer and fine weather Rowley folk worshiped in the open air, following a disastrous fire the church had been reduced to a burnt out shell. Some services and meetings were relocated to a church school, and a social club, and in some cases people’s homes. Then along came Reverend Cheverton who set to work with vigour and military precision to put things right, thanks to his energy the 4th church building was consecrated on the Feast of St Michaels 1922; it had been Vicar Cheverton’s hope that the new building could be re-named for St Michael, but the people of Rowley had grown fond of their Patron Saint (since 1199) and stuck by him, but gave St Michael a prominent place together with St Giles, St Faith and St George in the Stained Glass of the East Window.

Rowley lost its church school in the 1950s, but, God moves in mysterious ways and the opening decade of the 21st Century bought St Michael’s School to a new location, just over the road to St Giles! Our present, Vicar, Reverend Ian Shelton is very active over in the school, links and friendships have been and are being forged. Reverend Ian writes a ‘Thought for the week for the school web site. ….. Please follow the link to learn more.
This was this weeks.

Thought for the week
St Michael’s School

Thought for the week – Reverend Ian Shelton 8th June 2015
Once a year, a Sunday newspaper produces a “top 100” list. Not the wealthiest people in the UK, that’s another list! The 100 list that came out yesterday is called “The Happy List”, people nominated by the public, checked out and recognised for their contribution to making life better.
2014’s list included; Stephen Sutton, The teenager whose “bucket list” made millions for the Teenage Cancer Trust, along with people who’d gone the extra mile for others; people with disabilities, neighbours who needed help, ventures to make life better.
They gathered in a London Hotel, near St Pauls to celebrate their contribution to making life better.

Over the weekend we celebrated in church, some important lives that the church recognises. By the entrance door there is a display in honour of St Michael, created by a member of the school staff. At the far end there is a display remembering St Giles, who was safe guarding a deer, there is a rather cute Bambi model on our display. In between there are many more people who over the years have given beyond the course of duty for faith and have inspired others.
There was an omission at church, not deliberately, but we should have included St Barnabas, who’s remembered later this week. Someone whose generation, courage, selflessness made him one of the most attractive personalities in the Christian calendar.

For more about Stephen Sutton please follow link
Stephen Sutton

(Detail from St Giles flower display by Nellie Bird)

Summer Fayre 2015/Rowley Church Hall

Yvonne Owen our new Church Warden took these photos on Saturday 6th June, and kindly said we might share them.

The hall was suitably attired in red. white and blue in honour in celebration of 6th June 1944, some of the older ones who paid us a visit remembered those days well, some of us weren’t born but all appreciated the presence of ‘Help the Heroes’ and the Stirling work they do to take care if today’s wounded service men and women: lost count now of the number of times, I’ve heard people say that the atmosphere was so special.

So here goes, Yvonne’s pics.

Getting Ready: Dennis and Barbara Callow, Yvonne’s Mum and Dad are always on hand to lend a hand.


Getting Set: Larry and Olga Rose


Baubles, Bangles and Beads: David Russell getting ready for the gold rush


All Dressed Up: Trish and friends


One of Today's Heroes with Joyce Walker who with her
Husband, David grew all the perennial plants on sale.


Cake: No celebration or Summer Fayre is complete without it. Pat Comfort made these


Stop Press: I understand plans are already being made for the Christmas Fayre.

Remembering Saint Mabel

The end of a long day and busy week for the whole of St Giles’ family, some have baked for England, and the Cake Stall sold out, breaking records.

Thank you to all, to Jane for organising and to all who contributed in any way, thank you to St Michaels C of E. school, fund raising for Birmingham’s Children Hospital, to ‘Help the Heroes’ — who work tirelessly to assist wounded service men and women, to Rowley’s Scouts… You were all such wonderful people to spend the day with …

Thank you for all who came to buy from the stalls and support your Parish Church; in return we hope to support you when you find things get rough and tough.

On the other side of the road, we know that a record number of you popped into take a peek at the Flower Festival, and to say a prayer. The Flower arrangers celebrated ‘Saints‘ this year, and many photos have been taken, but this one was chosen to appear in this hurried post for a reason.

That reason being we are all called to be saints Saints with a little ‘s’ we are called to live wholesome lives, to show in our everyday, ordinary lives the goodness, kindness, patience,and love of our Saviour who lived amongst us as one of the crowd. A simple man with no great material riches to share, but with all the treasures of heaven at his disposal.

Today 6th June, would have been Mrs Mabel Tromans 92nd Birthday, and our flower ladies were delighted when Aunty Mabel’s (I always called her Aunty although unrelated) asked if they could place an arrangement in church in Memory of one of the kindest persons, Church and Rowley has ever known.

The scroll in the arrangement is in Mabel’s own handwriting, done as a gift years ago for some family members, whom she called the girls, Mabel was never blessed with children of her own, but spent a lifetime loving, caring for and mentoring every child she knew.

Please read the first line carefully,

Some one did a golden deed today,
Was it you?

Small, kind, golden deeds, these are the works of little saints, all of us with a little thought can do at least one a day

It was a truly a pleasure knowing you St. Mabel.
You made it so.


All Change for Rowley Church Summer Fayre

Change no 1: The date has been bought forward from its usual July slot

Please make a note of the new date in your Diary now, we would hate for you to miss the fun, and the “Sausage Sizzle”

Saturday 6th June 2015 is the day, the Church Hall in Hawes Lane, B65 9AL is the venue. 12:00 – 3:00pm is the time.


Change no 2: Meet Jane. Our organiser this year Jane Proud, retired from a teaching post at what was formerly, Birmingham College of Food, and now is ‘The University College of Birmingham’ – After gaining her cooking/catering qualifications, Jane’s career took off, from the bottom of the ladder, (she says) as an assistant cook at St Thomas’ Hospital, London. She was just 17 back then and since those days been a bit of a globetrotting chef, other jobs include Diet Cook at Auckland Public Hospital, New Zealand. We chose this photo, despite the difficult lighting conditions, because it depicts Jane’s lovely smile. What you see is what you get. She is a warm, fun loving person. Come say hello on June 6th.

You would think that after a lifetime of standing in the kitchen, Jane would welcome the opportunity to put her feet up and rest. But, no cooks are made of stronger stuff, and since, after many years of organising the Fayre, for St Giles, Mr Brian Green needed to take a step back this year, Jane offered the considerable skills gained in her years of ‘function organising’ to what is Rowley’s principal Fund Raising Event. Many, many thanks Brian for your ongoing help and contributions to the Fayre.

On the day of the Fayre you can indulge in Jane’s renowned homemade beef burgers, at the “Sausage Sizzle” There are burgers and burgers, and Janes are the de-luxe burger.

Some familiar, stalls will be making a return this year, Jewellery, Fancy Goods, Tombola, Bottle Stall are joined a new new Soft Toy one. At the time of writing we are waiting confirmation of some events in the hall, so more news to follow.

We hope we shall be seeing all your familiar Rowley Faces, to catch up on your news, hear how you are doing, one thing seems not to change at Rowley Summer Fayre, year in, year out and that is the support and generosity of our friends – your help keeps your Parish Church on its feet and able to reach out and help in times of need. Thank you.

The Flower Festival- same day- same time but over in the Church, St Giles, Church Road – will be posting its programme shortly. See Tides and Tidings Facebook Page for more information