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Doing and Giving, Watching and Waiting

Although we still have 16 more days to go, the Church on the Hill is putting on its Christmas dress, and will be seeing several hundreds of people pass through our doors during the days leading up to Christmas Day itself. The lovely roses adorning this tree in West porch were lovingly hand crafted by Linda Clinton, Our Messy Church leader.

Next Sunday, 15th December Messy Church will be holding a Messy Party to celebrate another lovely year of Messy Craft, Games, Stories and togetherness; we are hoping that Churchwarden, Yvonne Owen will once again be making the ‘best jelly in the world’ ….

Ps 147.16 He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes.

No snow on our Hill Top yet, but we have seen frost, and felt the keen wintry wind. Iris Westwood created this beautiful window display. Mike Tandy took the lovely photos. And there are very many more on St Giles Facebook Page

Tell me the old, old story

Of unseen things above,

Of Jesus and His Glory,

Of Jesus and His love.

Olwyn Plant, Trish Cornford with Joyce Walker created this happy little corner for the Open the Book Team – they open the big book, read and act out stories from the Bible at morning assemblies in our primary schools. As you can see multi talented.

Over the past few weeks the church family at St Giles have been generously putting together and wrapping gifts for the Shoe Box Appeal, chocolates, biscuits and festive eats for the Loaves and Fishes Shoe Bank, warm socks, hats, gloves etc for distribution by Outreach Angels to the homeless, and today bought new toys for those little ones who might otherwise receive none and also today held our Annual Christingle Service.

Here are Revd. Barrie Roberts and Revd. Carole Christensen, two stalwart friends to all of us at St Giles.

Tides and Tidings sends its good wishes for the Christmas Season to all who follow us on WordPress, but since we are still, despite the cheery glows and happy faces still in this solemn season of Advent, we pray,

Father be with all who wait,

Be with those who wait for the birth of a child, we ask for a safe delivery,

Be with those who wait watchfully over loved ones who are sick.

Be with those who cannot wait for tomorrow’s joys

Especially be with those who dread tomorrow’s sorrows,

For the sake of your Son laid in a manger,

Grant us steadfastness, courage and peace in all our waitings ,

Perfect Trust in His Coming again, when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, Jesus Christ is Lord, to Your Glory Lord we ask it.

Father grant to us all that your Holy Angels, watch and wait with us.

Seventeen Mice at the Big Picnic

(Or the 13th Basket)

Once upon a time, no, really and truly, once upon a time, this is a story from many, many, many, many long mouse years ago; James and Ruth and their 15 mice-lets were very hungry; it had been a long hot summer and their usual food had shrivelled up in the hot sunshine, everything including the little stream had totally dried up—to be a country-mouse was so-not-good.

Ruth and James were very worried. They said their prayers many times a day, and the mice-lets just got thinner and thinner, and Ruth thought James’ whiskers would fall out with worry. They moved to a new home.

They moved as close as they could to the seashore and made a home in an old basket that the fishermen had thrown away, and keeping themselves as quiet as they could, crept out while the fishermen were eating their dinner and, creeping very, very close stole crumbs. (A very dangerous thing to do, because you know little church-people-persons- big people-persons don’t like mice.)

Then one morning, they heard the sound of feet, thousands of feet, plodding, plopping, plodding, plopping, some running very fast- no time to plod and plop. And there was excited shouting, lots of happy talking and even singing. And then they heard a big voice shouting for everyone to shut-up and listen, and then the mouse family heard something very wonderful. They heard a big voice, but a gentle voice and a man began to tell stories about the Kingdom of God.

Never, never had little country mice heard such lovely stories and ….

they forgot they were hungry – they just wanted to listen and listen. So, they did another very brave thing and all 17 crept under their basket home and quietly, secretly moved it closer and closer, to the front of the crowd and the pair of feet that belonged to Jesus, so that hiding beneath and lifting it ever so slightly they could hear every word.

They were there a long time, 17 Mice persons and thousand of People Persons. There were lots and lots of little people-persons all being very good and quiet, some sucked their thumbs, but everyone was very good and quiet. No one wanted to miss a word Jesus had to say.

The Sun was getting ready to go to bed, and the friends of Jesus were worried. The Mice-lets heard them whisper to Jesus about their worry.

“Look it’s getting late it will dark soon. Everyone is getting hungry. Please send them away, so they can go and buy something to eat.”

Ruth, James and Mice-lets heard their own tummy rumbles then. They had quite forgotten they were hungry. Oh No! it didn’t seem there would be any food for them today!

Somewhere far above their heads they heard Jesus say, “You give them something to eat?”

That made his friends very worried, there were not enough pennies to buy bread to feed all this great crowd of people- persons.

Jesus said, “How many loaves do you have? Go look!”

And when they came back, they said, “Five and two fish.”

Jesus said everyone was to sit down on the green grass. And everyone did, flop, flop, flop, flop all the bottoms sat down with a flop. The Mouse Family, quaked, and shivered all over with fright would someone sit on their basket-house? But a kindly hand reached down and moved their basket-house with them in it- safely out of the way, and They knew it was Jesus.

They did not see Jesus break the loaves and the fishes to share them up, but they did hear His lovely voice as He said thank you to Our Father in Heaven …. And they knew, just knew that there would be plenty for the 5000 men and their wives and little children to eat and plenty for little mice.

It was a very good picnic, the biggest picnic the Mouse Family ever knew and when all the people-persons were full-up of bread and fish, Jesus friends collected up 12 baskets of left overs, but, don’t tell, little people-person friends there was another basket besides, the 13th Basket was the Mouse Basket-House and it had lots of tiny pieces of bread tucked safely underneath – Ruth and James said, and Mouse-folk every where still remember and talk about it to this very day- and they all say it was the hand of Jesus, His very own hand that put them there.

The End.

Rosy Mouse

Story based, very loosely, on the feeding of the 5000 in the Gospel of Mark 6; 32-44) and retold by Rosy Mouse for Yvonne, the Churchwarden-her biggest fan.

Rosy Mouse and husband Fred are Wood Mice, their children an descendants are numerous and coming from an extremely long-line of Mice 🐁 with many tales to tell of illustrious forebears. Rosy will sometimes produce a story for our Church Magazine, – quite a feat for such a small creature – typing them up on the Compiling Editor’s old iPad and emailing them just in-time for photocopy day. Rosy and Fred live, quite happily, at the bottom of the Churchyard, close to the ‘Celtic Cross’ ✝️ and enjoy cake and other crumbs 🧁 left behind after coffee which always follows Sunday Services. If visiting St Giles Church please take care not to step on our mice!

We plough the fields, and scatter~

The good seed on the land,

But it is fed and watered

By God’s almighty hand:

He sends the snow in winter,

The warmth to swell the grain,

The breezes and the sunshine,

And soft refreshing rain.

All good gifts around us

Are sent from heaven above;

Then thank the Lord, O thank the Lord,

For all his love.

(M Claudius. Tr. Jane M Campbell)

Harvest Service: This coming Sunday 6th October at 10:15am.

All very welcome…

Something Old

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

St Giles Ladies Class meets Tuesday Afternoons over in the Church Hall, we pretend to know absolutely nothing about Geology, Genealogy, Zoology or any other kind of ‘ology. Theology? Well we know we always can trust God, our Heavenly Father who loving us so much sent His Son Jesus that we might have eternal life.

Today and over the next 3 weeks we have set ourselves a challenge, each of us to bring an item in the above categories… this weeks items were something old... and ranged from a copper warming pan (at least 100 years old) very few were less than that, each item had its own unique story, and carried with it personal, treasured memories,

The Ladies Class is primarily a Devotional Meeting; so how does that relate to Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…. ?

Well we reminded ourselves of the many times God, speaking through the prophets, addressed Himself to Israel as her Husband, that Jesus is the Bridegroom of the church. We reminded ourselves that God shows Himself over and over again to be a loving, defender and provider to widows and orphans and all who need someone to care for them as He was back in bible times, so He is in this present day. Amongst our little circle we have widows grateful that in times of loneliness and distress, God supports and comforts them; we have Ladies still blessed with a husband but equally grateful that God wraps them around together and blesses them together; we have those whose marriage didn’t work out but have found our Lord never lets them down, we have Ladies like me who have never married and found that Jesus is all in all.

We reminded ourselves that despite her Lords tender love, Israel often chose to go her own way, and of the times when He sent Messengers and a word to guide them back:

‘Stand at the crossroads, and see, and ask for the old paths and which is the good way? Walk in that way.”

As we go through life, we learn its lessons we learn by our mistakes and falls what the good, right and best way is; we learn from the consequences of our actions, and by the many times that the Lord helps us up and sets us on our way again, that He is to be trusted and is always worthy of our praise. We learn to sing to our Redeemer a new song but do not forget His Love of old.

Tell me the old, old story

Of unseen things above,

Of Jesus and His glory,

Of Jesus and His love.

Tell me the story simply,

As to a little child;

For I am weak and weary,

And helpless and defiled.

May God bless our memories to us, and as we stand at the Cross Road point out to us the Good Way and give us strength to walk in it, following in our Saviours footsteps all the Way Home, showing us new mercies, giving us new songs to sing, always. Amen

Posted with love from, Enid, Rita, Muriel, Gwen, Christine, Ann, Iris, Carole, Vera, Barbara and Jean.

Scripture: Jeremiah 6:16

Hymn: Kate Hankey.

Prayer: St Giles Ladies Class

Messy Get Togetherness

St Giles Messy Church gets together on the first a Sunday of every month except August … and maybe when Rowley is snowed in. Everyone enjoys these Messy Times together, particularly making Cookies, sweets etc to take away home and share with family.

Some of the craft tables can be more than a little Messy, but Brian, our friendly Hall Caretaker takes it all in his stride, one week, Jean found she now had a new top dyed for ever with green acrylic paint, but she’s over that now…. one week we had a play, (about Jesus ascending on a cloud to heaven) … but Jesus got his cue a bit muddled and didn’t seem to want to leave us. To be perfectly honest us disciples didn’t want him to go either!

People of all ages are welcome at our Messy Church, we have Grandmas, Moms and dads, all we ask is that all children are in the care of a responsible grown up. We meet at 3 o’clock, make, do, play together then we have a short service at 4 o’clock. We hear a bible story, have a bit of a sing and sometimes a Dance, and then it’s time for tea together before going our way at 5 o’clock.

Messy crafts, and a successful half marathon run Mom with medal

Carole and Barbara in the Messy Kitchen ~ before it got too Messy,

Valerie trying not to make a mess

Messy Churchwarden and Chief Cookie Baker , Yvonne.

Messy Church Linda keeping a wise eye on things

Trying to count the stars, because God promises Abraham

I will shower blessings on you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars of heaven and the grains of sand on the seashore.”

Lord Jesus, we give you our hands, we give you our feet, we give you our eyes, we give You our tongues, our minds and our hearts and ask you to bless them and turn all our messes and mistakes into happy accidents that make your world a happier place. Amen