A Golden Rose For a Golden Lady


Leonora ‘Nora’ Vine, softly spoken, worked as Parish Secretary to 5 Vicars of Rowley, Reverends Coley, Byford, Russell, Eve and Nightingale, always discreet, always quietly efficient and tactful. She was a good helmsman when the Captain of the Ship wasn’t around, could be relied on to know just what to do.

Muffled bells, yet joyful bells pealed out in her honour, as she came into church for the very last time, her funeral service this afternoon, Monday 30th March 2015, Our sincerest condolences to Michael, Sandra her grandchildren and family.

It is Lent and the custom is no flowers in church, but her sisters in Christ placed golden roses for a golden lady on the chancel steps, believing that the Lord wouldn’t mind at all.

Some followers of Jesus are more to the fore, each serves in their own way, as the Body of Jesus has need — Nora’s was a quiet way, unnoticed, but always there, faithful, patient, persevering, a follower of Christ a bearer of the Cross. She carried it well and with honour. May all the joys of heaven be hers.

Getting Ready For Mothering Sunday


    Barbara and Iris, true English women out and about in Rowley’s Churchyard on Saturday 14th March, armed with pruning shears and buckets collecting greenery to make up Daffodil Posies. Every lady who attended St Giles on Mothering Sunday received a posy. Many thanks to Barbara, Iris. Pam, Nellie, Vera, and Carole – love went into each the tying of every yellow ribbon 

    Many thanks also to the Ladies and gentlemen if the new St Giles Singers for bringing a touch of freshness to our worship under the musical direction of Agata Beaman.