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As Time Goes By

The Clock engineers called yesterday to give Rowley’s Church Clock its annual service. The Tower steps are extremely steep, so I only went part way up, this time, Behind the clock face, is a quite different view to the one which passers by get, and that is a perspective on all our experiences of time, I suppose. We view things differently according to where we are in the present moment.

The Church Clock, St Giles, Rowley RegisSt Giles Church

We see yesterdays and yesteryear differently according to where we are now in our present, and both past and present events colour our view of the future, which as yet remains unknown (although we like to schedule events in our diary). For instance without the foresight of booking in an appointment how else would the clock men have been able to do their job yesterday? Somethings we can plan for, others we can’t.

The Church Clock was built in 1858 for Rowley’s 2nd Church Building, was safely removed when that building was taken down, reinstalled in the 3rd building which was destroyed by fire in 1913, so it’s a survivor. It’s makers J. B. Joyce and Co. Of Derby, are still around today, their engineers serviced it yesterday.

The last visit by one of them had been in 2008. The church clock stopped ticking that year, and every passer by whether on foot or in a car noticed and many were the telephone calls. The problem, was a worn and broken part to the pendulum, recasting a new one was expensive and beyond the church’s budget at that time. An appeal was launched and the response to it totally beyond our expectations. Gifts came from far beyond our doorstep and lovely little letters from families now far removed from their Rowley Roots. Every year now, J.B.Joyce call to book in a time to call, and give Rowley’s Clock a check up. There is only one other clock movement like it in the U.K. and that keeps good time too. Our big brother is Big Ben in London.

“It’s good for another 100 years” was the expert verdict yesterday.

I can’t imagine what changes the next 100 years will bring, but do recall, Mr Bird, a much loved member of our church family, repeatedly reminding his Sunday School Class,

It is time to seek the LORD, until he comes and showers his righteousness on you.” (Hosea 10:12 N.I.V.)

A reminder that our human faithfulness or faithlessness will in time be rewarded. The church clock may indeed be good for another hundred years, but the goodness and love of God are eternal.

As we say in Rowley, “You can set your clock by him”

Parish Outing: St Giles, Rowley Regis visits St Andrew in Wells

God smiled, yesterday, the sun shone and a party of intrepid explorers set out at 9:00am (N.A.S.A. couldn’t have timed a launch any better) on a journey of 107.2 miles via the M5 to the smallest City in England.

Wells, may be small, but it is charming, full of character and history. The Wells which gave the city its name have made it a sacred site from at least Roman Times probably earlier and still run through open channels helping to keep the streets clean and sweet. Arriving at noon, meant plenty of time for folk to do whatever they wished, Carole, wonderfully organised, as ever, furnished us all with comprehensive guides and suggestions for itineraries, so some went this way and some went that – but all met together for tea at 4pm; scones, jam and cream shared together in the Cathedral Cafe were a delicious way to end our day.

The Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew is well worth a visit, mainly built between c1180-1239 and mainly from limestone from Doulting, eight miles away it is noted for its pointed arches and ribbed vaulting. I find Cathedrals are a bit like time-machines, providing a path back through time, but they also provide a path into the future and eternity, if we will just sit still long enough to look ‘up the road’ and find it. Home church, St Giles was founded around 1199, but our first church was ‘Norman’ style not Gothic like Well Cathedral, and a lot, lot smaller.

For more please follow the link to discover more.
Wells Cathedral

These are some of the many photographs taken.

(This one taken by Jane Proud, thank you Jane)




And, because, I love the ‘architectural’ lines of swans, cygnets, and ducks, blue skies, sunlight dappled waters there is this one, taken from the moat wall surrounding the Bishops Palace.


May your days be sunny and blessed, especially if they are holidays.
Travel safely.
Go with God.