Summer Fayre 2015/Rowley Church Hall

Yvonne Owen our new Church Warden took these photos on Saturday 6th June, and kindly said we might share them.

The hall was suitably attired in red. white and blue in honour in celebration of 6th June 1944, some of the older ones who paid us a visit remembered those days well, some of us weren’t born but all appreciated the presence of ‘Help the Heroes’ and the Stirling work they do to take care if today’s wounded service men and women: lost count now of the number of times, I’ve heard people say that the atmosphere was so special.

So here goes, Yvonne’s pics.

Getting Ready: Dennis and Barbara Callow, Yvonne’s Mum and Dad are always on hand to lend a hand.


Getting Set: Larry and Olga Rose


Baubles, Bangles and Beads: David Russell getting ready for the gold rush


All Dressed Up: Trish and friends


One of Today's Heroes with Joyce Walker who with her
Husband, David grew all the perennial plants on sale.


Cake: No celebration or Summer Fayre is complete without it. Pat Comfort made these


Stop Press: I understand plans are already being made for the Christmas Fayre.


2 thoughts on “Summer Fayre 2015/Rowley Church Hall

  1. Bring back loads of memories of me as a toddler – to when I left to get married when I was 24!!! Still the same chairs an I remember performing on that stage!!! xxx


    1. Yes still the same chairs, but not the same kitchen which won the coveted 5 Gold Stars awarded by the Local Authority recently. I do remember you performing on the stage. You had a lovely singing voice!
      Singing practices are afoot for a concert end of July, our brilliant classically trained Music Director is coaching us in Beatle songs!


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